Foreign Exchange Student Family Photos

This was a fun and unique family photo shoot.  Warren is from South Africa and Katie met him there while traveling.  They were married and lived there for a time until they decided to move back to the United States.  They have two adorable little girls.  They go to our church and preschool and have become good friends.  Their oldest daughter is named Sadie, same as my daughter.  They’re best little buds.  Also, interestingly, we found out last year that Katie is related to my husband.  In fact, her dad was my husband’s father’s cousin, best friend and roommate in college.  What a small world!

This year Katie and Warren signed up to be a host family for a foreign exchange student.  They were assigned Tabitha who is from Germany.  She will live with them for the 9 months during the school year.  She is delightful and extremely talented.

Katie had the fun idea of doing their family Christmas pictures with each of them holding their country’s flag.  They have a lot of personality and it was a very fun evening.

Flags in Family Pictures
New Port Richey Family Photographer

Country Flag Family Photos
Family PIctures Family Photo shoot
Family Photographer Pasco County Florida
New Port Richey Family Photographer

*These pictures were taken in New Port Richey in Pasco County, Florida.  

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