Sweet Katarina Grace

This baby’s Mama (Diane) deserves the  ‘How-in-the-heck-did-she-find-the-time-to-get-so-many-awesome-props-for-this-photo-shoot!? award! I mean seriously. Check out these photos! Not only did she have their Christmas tree already up and decorated before the baby was born. (She was born on December 2nd). There is an awesome gift box that we placed the baby in that she created including the top that is in the background. She created ornaments to spell Katarina Grace to place on the tree behind her. She made two different head bands for the baby. Only one is shown in this post, but they were both beautiful. Props take a long time to find (and create in this instance) and take a lot of creativity … for anyone! let alone a new mom! Awesome job Diane!!! Thank you for your creativity. I felt very privileged to take these photos.

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