Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Photography Session

Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Photography Session
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Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session!

A Fresh 48, also known as Hospital Newborn Session, is a special session for families who want to capture the first few hours hours of their newborns life and the special moments when the new baby first meets siblings, grandparents and other relatives.


It's usually held 24 - 48 hours after the baby has been born. This is not a traditional newborn session; I will not pose the baby or bring props. Unlike traditional newborn work, these photos are raw and real and lifestyle in nature. The skin isn't overly edited, the baby isn't posed, and the emotions are all true!


I like to arrive when it's quiet so I can capture a few pictures of just the baby - the sweet face, little lips, tiny toes, and cute expressions. Yes, even the cry is cute! I also document the details in the room - the isolette, card with the footprints, tiny bracelets, room number, and cord clamp. Then comes the really good stuff - capturing the baby interacting with parents, siblings, grandparents, or relatives. These moments are so special!


I don't know about you but I remember very little of the first few days after giving birth. Having quality photos allows me to be bck in those special moments when I first fell in love and held my newborn babies. It's highly unlikely - perhaps impossible - that you'll ever regret having more beautiful images of your children and family. It is far more likely that you'll regret the photographs that were not taken.


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